Miss Universe 2009 - Judge - Farouk Shami
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Farouk Shami


Farouk Shami is Founder and Chairman of Farouk Systems, Inc., which is based in Houston, Texas. He is an entrepreneur, educator, employer, manufacturer, and a hairstylist who has led the hair care industry with Innovative Advanced American Technology. He started the company with only $1,000.

Shami came to the United States on a scholarship to the University of Arkansas, but ended up transferring to a school of cosmetology instead. He became a salon owner and soon after developed a major breakthrough in the beauty industry when he invented and introduced the first Ammonia-free hair lightener and coloring system called SunGlitz®. It started a revolution in hair coloring technology and artistic creation, and he was awarded US Patent 5,224,964 (he currently has more than 10). Shami’s mission has been environment, education and ethics ever since as he set out to save hairdresser’s lives by helping them work in a safer place.