Miss Universe 2011 - Judge - Matheus Mazzafera
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Matheus Mazzafera


Matheus Mazzafera began traveling abroad at the age of 15, and has lived in many of the world’s greatest cities including New York, London and São Paulo. He is also a trendsetter in Cannes and Saint-Tropez. He attended college at "Instituto Marangoni" at Milão, where he majored as a stylist, and he later trained at Vogue Italy for 2 years.

His main editorial works are for "Vogue Brasil," "Vogue America Latina," "Homem Vogue," "RG," "Numero" and "Wish." He works with brands including Adriana Degreas, Daslu, MGuia, Rosa Cha and BoBo, among others.

The life of Matheus Mazzafera is filled with fashion rehearsals, TV recordings and work traveling throughout Brazil and abroad.

Matheus Mazzafera, hired by "Rede TV," presented the SuperTop segment on the"SuperPop" show, and now he presents the BFF (Best Friend Forever) segment on the same show.