Miss Universe 2013 - Host - Mel B
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Mel B


Melanie Brown has never been a shy one, evidenced by her vast and ever-expanding list of accomplishments. Best known as Mel B or “Scary Spice” of the Spice Girls, she can also add author, fashion leader, television personality, stage star, philanthropist, entrepreneur and mom to her list of ever-expanding accomplishments.

From her early days growing up in Leeds, England through her years in one of the most defining pop groups of this generation, and through such ventures as becoming a fan favorite on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2007, Mel B has earned her place in the entertainment lexicon. Doing the show earned her a vast, new American fan base with her cool, self-confident dancing style. Mel B is always striving to do something different, always with a style that’s all her own.
Her business interests are diverse. For the last four years, Mel B has been an ambassador for Jenny Craig. She and her husband are also partners in Real Water (www.drinkrealwater.com), one of the top selling Alkaline waters in the U.S. and Anskos (http://anskos.com.au), an Australia-based premium health food company whose products will soon be available in the U.S. In 2009, she became the face of “Totally Fit,” a workout and health DVD, and in 2010, released her own video game, “Get Fit with Mel B,” for Wii, Xbox 360, Kinect and Playstation. Mel B is also the face of Ultimo Lingerie, the biggest lingerie line in the UK, and has served as a product spokesperson for Virgin Mobile, Kraft Foods® and Jell-O®.

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Stephan Belafonte, and daughters, Phoenix, Angel, Madison, and stepdaughter, Giselle.