Miss Universe Argentina 2014 - Valentina Ferrer


Valentina Ferrer

  • Age: 28

    Hometown: Cordoba

  • Height: 5’ 10”

    Birthday: September 09

Valentina Ferrer was born in Córdoba, Argentina on September 19, 1991. Being the second child of a family of five brothers, she has always stood out as an outgoing person. After finishing high school, she became a Physical Fitness Instructor.

Valentina has always been interested in the fashion world. She was discovered by a local modeling agency when she was 16 years old and after two years of proper training, she moved to Buenos Aires to work with Visage Model Agency and important international designers, especially in United States.

Valentina is a very warm, positive and energetic woman who wanted to develop a more down-to-earth image in modeling. That is why she believes that becoming Argentina's ambassador for the Miss Universe Pageant is an opportunity to learn and motivate young people in believing in their dreams.

  • The 5 things you can't live without?

    My family, my friends, water, food and sunshine.

    What did you eat for breakfast?

    Avacado on toast, Coffee & fresh juice orange

  • Morning or Night person?

    Night. Not really a Morning Person. Unless it is my Birthday or Christmas.

    Favorite place in the world?

    Africa and Home