Miss Universe British Virgin Islands 2016 - Erika Creque
  • British Virgin Islands 2016
  • British Virgin Islands 2016

British Virgin Islands

Erika Creque

  • Age: 25

    Hometown: Road Town

  • Height: 5’ 6”

    Birthday: November 18

A ball of fun as described by her friends, Erika Renae Creque is an absolute daredevil. Her bucket list consists of bungee jumping and skydiving. Being a Caribbean girl at heart, Creque has a great love for the environment and participates in various non profit organizations such as Association of Reef Keepers, Caribbean Youth Environmental Network, GreenVI and Greencrete VI. She enjoyed helping people so much that she decided she wanted to be a firefighter. Creque has training in basic life support skills, first aid and has completed basic EMT training. She wishes to complete the full course in order to qualify as an EMT. Her true life goal is to become a Civil Engineer and plans to pursue a degree in that field. Creque is prepared to rock her free spirit and hardcore lifestyle on the Miss Universe stage.