Miss Universe Curaçao 2016 - Chanelle de Lau
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Chanelle de Lau

  • Age: 25

    Hometown: Willemstad

  • Height: 5’ 11”

    Birthday: February 05

Chanelle de Lau isn’t all business, though studying International Business and Management at school. In her spare time, you can catch Chanelle cooking and creating exciting new dishes for family and friends. For relaxation, Chanelle enjoys dancing as a form of showing her self-expression and also to relax. In her final year of highschool, Chanelle devastatingly lost her father to cancer. Now, as an advocate for Cancer research, Chanelle is working with many people and organizations around the world to use her voice to advocate for cancer awareness and prevention. If crowned Miss Universe she can reach more people all over the world and encourage a healthy lifestyle.