Miss Universe Germany 2016 - Johanna Acs
  • Germany 2016


Johanna Acs

  • Age: 28

    Hometown: Eschweiler

  • Height: 5’ 10”

    Birthday: February 21

Johanna Acs is a student of Textile and Clothing Management whose concern especially lies in improving the textile production conditions in developing countries. Her biggest passion in life is traveling, and after visiting over 50 countries she has seen the positive and negative sides of the world. While experiencing the negatives, Acs was inspired to change the world, so she established her own charity organization 'Healing Art'. Going above and beyond her limits is something that Acs is known for. Not only when traveling, but also when doing extraordinary activities such as skydiving, swimming with sharks, and climbing volcanos. She hopes to be crowned the next Miss Universe at the upcoming competition. If crowned, she would love to continue to advocate for HIV awareness, and also raise more awareness and support for clothing production in developing countries.