Miss Universe Hungary 2016 - Veronika Bódizs
  • Hungary 2016
  • Hungary 2016


Veronika Bódizs

  • Age: 27

    Hometown: Budapest

  • Height: 5’ 8”

    Birthday: August 25

Veronika Bódizs is a 24 year old student studying Financial Management at The International Business School. When the textbooks are closed, Bódizs likes to read books on positive psychology because she believes that the most important value in life is knowledge. For relaxation, Bódizs enjoys listening to music, and especially playing her violin. In her spare time, Bódizs volunteers at orphanages and likes to value and remind the children of how important they truly are. If crowned Miss Universe, Bódizs would like to inspire women to trust and love themselves because love is beauty.