Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2016 - Alexis Frasca
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  • Miss Massachusetts TEEN USA 2016
  • Miss Massachusetts TEEN USA 2016
  • Miss Massachusetts TEEN USA 2016


Alexis Frasca

  • Age: 21

    Hometown: Franklin

  • Height: 5’ 6”

    Birthday: September 23

Alexis Frasca grew up in her hometown of Franklin, Massachusetts where in school she was a member of her cheerleading team all four years, being dubbed cheer captain her senior year, as well as being a member of her school's music production club and leader of the literary magazine/creative writing club.
Alexis has also modeled since the age of thirteen and has appeared in various ad campaigns for major companies such as Reebok and Brookstone. Additionally, Alexis was a part of the Franklin Arts Academy, in which her classes were art-based and catered to her creative mindset through various multimedia projects, ranging from video work, visual art, music, creative writing, graphic design, and even some interpretive dancing. Being one for creativity, Alexis will study fashion design where her eye for the visually appealing can further blossom. She hopes to fuse her love of travel with her designs to combine the styles of different cities into a cohesive collection.