Miss Michigan Teen USA 2016 - Unjanee Wells
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  • Miss Michigan TEEN USA 2016


Unjane Wells

  • Age: 22

    Hometown: Ypsilanti

  • Height: 5’ 6”

    Birthday: January 20

Unjanee' is a very different and unique young lady, who triumphed over obstacles, including homelessness, many other young teens would have looked for an easy way out of. Unjanee' devotes a lot of her time throughout the state spreading her passion and story, not to allow your circumstances to determine your destiny. She has worked at her local church with the Jewels In Christ Youth Girls Ministry for 10 faithful years and began her own organization Blossoming Roses, an organization geared to educate and raise awareness about homeless teen girls. Even as she has persevered through her own personal trials she remained a fun, lovable young lady. With a voice of a song bird, she is nicknamed the human music mocking bird. She can either sing someone to tears or into uproarious laughter. She truly is a person who respects and embraces every opportunity to empower today's young women to achieve their dreams. She is one who is describes herself as "Confidently Beautiful".