Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2016 - Valeria Podobniy
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  • Miss New Hampshire TEEN USA 2016
  • Miss New Hampshire TEEN USA 2016
  • Miss New Hampshire TEEN USA 2016

New Hampshire

Valeria Podobniy

  • Age: 22

    Hometown: Amherst

  • Height: 5’ 6”

    Birthday: November 20

Valeria is an energetic and ambitious 18-year-old who you will rarely see not smiling. She has Russian and Ukrainian roots and was born in Latvia. Valeria is very spiritual and is strongly rooted in her Christian faith. As a first generation American, she is extremely proud of her 3.9 GPA she has maintained in all honors and AP classes. When she's not studying she's learning about astrology, giving back to the community, and soaking up nature. Learning from her immigrant parents that hard work pays off, Valeria is extremely ambitious and hopes to work in Public Relations after joining the Peace Corps. A natural leader, Valeria aspires to encourage girls to not be afraid to be different. With her inspiring American Dream story she plans on spreading love and light wherever she goes. Her megawatt smile, open heart, and outgoing personality is contagious and charismatic. Valeria's life motto is everything happens for a reason and that is why she walks fearlessly towards her bright future.