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    Lauren Roush is Miss West Virginia USA 2017

    THE DAILY SENTINEL – It was literally a crowning moment for 21-year-old Lauren Roush of New Haven Sunday, as she was chosen Miss West Virginia USA 2017.

    With approximately 45 close family members, friends and sorority sisters in the crowd cheering her on, they watched throughout the two-day pageant in Morgantown as Roush was named to the top ten, final five, and was finally crowned.

    Roush described the winning moment as an “out of body experience.”

    “I remember falling to my knees, and then feeling very loved and supported as fellow contestants surrounded me, helping me up and congratulating me,” Roush said. “I remember pointing up, giving all the glory to God, and looking out at my family. It was all so surreal.”

    Roush and other contestants competed in three categories – interview, swimsuit and evening gown. Once she was named to the top five, those contestants were given on-stage questions. Roush said hers was concerning social media and how she would use her account as Miss West Virginia USA. Her background had prepared her to easily answer. Roush speaks to middle school girls in a program she created, and told the judges and audience she would use the account to promote female empowerment.

    After being crowned, Roush said it was a whirlwind of activities. She and the winner of the Miss West Virginia Teen USA pageant, Olivia Hutchinson of Huntington, were taken into a meeting with the pageant owners. The royalty, along with their parents, signed contracts and were given information about the year ahead. Then there were photo shoots with the pageant owners, former royalty, family members and other officials.

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    Roush said she and Hutchinson were placed in a motel room for the night, and spent Monday in photo shoots both together and separately. One of her first official events will be Sunday, when she attends the Miss Indiana USA pageant.

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