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    Halloween Costume’s That Are Already In Your Closet

    Affordable, last minute costumes that requires minimal effort.

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    Halloween weekend has approached us quickly, and many are still trying to think of clever costumes to wear. Well think no more! We came up with our favorite, easy costumes that you can find at home.

    Flannel Shirt

    Instagram: @Juliproven


    Instagram: @Its_Ashleyh

    To create this look, throw on a pair of old jeans, tease your hair, find your comfiest flannel shirt and WALAH, you’re a scarecrow. To spice up your look, use some eyeliner to add scarecrow-like markings on your face. You also can’t go wrong with a pop of color on the lip.

    Instagram: @makeupbyjesi

    Too busy to buy werewolf ears? No problem! Try wearing your hair half up, half down. By splitting the top section in two, you can make two buns and pin them to your head. You’ll need some black eyeliner and brown eye shadow to create the wolf-like makeup.

    White Button Down Shirt

    white-button-up-melikecimInstagram: @melikecim


    Risky Business
    risky-business-_rayrayy24Instagram: @_Rayrayy24

    Having a white button down top is essential to keep in your closet, and if you don’t have one, get one! You can pair this outfit with anything including black shorts, spandex, leggings, or pajama shorts. Finish the costume with some tall socks, tennis shoes, and a pair of your favorite sunglasses. No need to get too technical on this one, it’s simple, fun, and cute!

    Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction)
    Instagram: @mikeylikesit556

    First step is to watch the movie. If you haven’t already, watch it, it’s a classic. After seeing it, you will want nothing more than to be Mia Wallace for Halloween. All you will need to do is pin-up your hair up in a short bob, create a smoky eye, add some red lips, and you’re ready for the night.

    Wednesday Adams
    Instagram: @janaecaballero

    Layer your white button down shirt under a black dress and you will instantly transform into Wednesday Adams. Braiding your hair in pigtails and wearing eerie makeup can complete this costume. For a more ‘tired’ look, add some black eye shadow to the bottom creases of your eye. This will add some spook to your costume!

    Leather Jacket
    Instagram: @viktoria.dahlberg


    Sandra Dee (Grease)
    Instagram: @gigihadid

    Cleary Gigi Hadid as Sandra Dee is going to be hard to top, but having a leather jacket is the first step to getting on her level. All you need is black leggings, a black top (crop or regular), high heels, and of course your leather jacket. Instead of buying a wig, try curling your hair in small sections and then pin it up by layer. Don’t forget that fire truck-red lipstick!

    Cat woman
    Instagram: @cherryargasi

    Cat woman is a pretty sassy character, but we can make it chill by wearing a leather jacket instead of a leather body suit. Adding makeup is going to be key to this outfit. You can either have a simple cat-like look, or you can add a black mask to make your costume more mysterious.
    Black and White Stripe Shirt
    Instagram: @debiflue


    Instagram: @miss_cher

    The robber costume is the perfect go-to for a chilly Halloween night. You will need to start breaking out your winter clothes by taking out your gloves and beanies. If you don’t want to buy a mask, create your own! Find an old black shirt that you don’t want, and cut it to make the perfect robber mask.

    Instagram: @bellabm

    No need to have the gloves or burette, especially if you have good face painting skills. White face makeup can run very cheap, but if you have sensitive skin, just make your normal makeup more dramatic. You can even add designs by using black liquid eyeliner.

    What are some of your favorite last minute Halloween costumes? Let us know by Tweeting @MissUniverse

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