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    Dancing Across the Universe

    Eventually, everyone ends up back at their old pirouetting grounds.

    Riyo Mori, who held the Miss Universe title in 2007, stopped by the Quinte Ballet School of Canada Monday to teach a workshop for the current professional students.

    Mori attended QBSC from 2004 to 2006 and, as one of four international students at the time, split her focus into three parts: academic school, ballet school and a dance teacher course.

    “Being an international student, you need to fully understand your purpose [at the school],” said Mori. “Coming from that far away, you have to work for your goals. You have to work hard.”

    The workshop, both ballet and jazz focused, was meant to help students hone their skills and give them a taste of what Mori has been up to for the past eight years. Read the full article Riyo Mori

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