Miss USA 2014 - Judge - Carole Gist
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Carole Gist


Carole Gist Stramler, the first African-American to be crowned Miss USA 1990 and first runner-up to Miss Universe is the proud mother of Tylar (21) and Keith (17).

She began modeling at the age of 12 when her mother wanted to encourage her to be positive and proud about her height. Carole worked for more than a decade as a print, runway, narrative and auto show model. She learned to love being tall.

Additionally, she was involved with sports. As a former model and athlete she understood the importance of being physically fit but lost sight of that once she was no longer a model or competitive athlete and had children.

After coming to grips with this new found reality, she made a decision to get her life and health back. She began walking, taking aerobics classes, and eating more consciously. Carole has trained for and completed several full and half marathons to date. Carole is passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals through exercise and nutrition. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Kinesiology to better be able to serve her current and future clients. She believes that the body is the temple of God which we should take care of, kept clean and holy. She demonstrates this belief daily in her role as a trainer and coach with her clients, small groups, and fitness classes.

She started her fitness company Royal Physique Fitness in June 2006 and has helped many reach their goals and would love to help encourage and direct you in attaining yours. For more information about Carole’ s speaking engagements, boot camps, pageant coaching, and personal training contact her at missusa1990@hotmail.com.