Miss USA 2014 - Judge - Jeanne Burns
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Jeanne Burns


Jeanne Burns is the evening news anchor for NBC33 News/WVLA in Baton Rouge. She has been in television news for 24 years, snagging her first job as a reporter back in 1991, just months after competing in the 1990 MISS USA® Pageant where she represented her home state of Louisiana. She went on to represent the Miss USA Organization on the Miss USA-USO Tour in the Summer of 1990, touring Alaska, Okinawa, Japan, and the Philippines with her fellow contestants, then completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism at LSU.

Jeanne began her career in broadcasting in Monroe, Louisiana, but it wasn’t long before she moved back home to Baton Rouge, where she’s been a familiar face in the local television market ever since. Jeanne is married to Lloyd Dempster, and together they have three children, Arielle, Julianna, and Shelby Dax.

Jeanne is an avid reader, who loves to write and share other people’s stories. In her spare time, she’s a “scrapbook Mom”, who works out on a regular basis at the Anytime Fitness she co-owns with her husband.