Miss USA 2014 - Judge - Bárbara Palacios
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Bárbara Palacios


Bárbara Palacios is a respected, well-known public figure in Latin America and among Hispanics in the United States. Bárbara has developed a successful professional career as both the image and spokesperson of leading products as well as in the television industry. She has also been the founder of several advertising and marketing companies.

Her ability to communicate, her charisma, and the constant desire to positively influence the lives of those around her have led her to become a model of leadership. She gives inspiration and direction to those who have followed her career from the time she became a beauty icon among international women when she achieved the title of Miss Universe 1986.

Her experience in inspiring others, leading conferences, and promoting and defending an integral lifestyle has led her to become a distinguished author.

Her books, “ La Belleza de Saber Vivir” (The Beauty of Knowing how to Live) and “Lejos de mi Sombra, Cerca de la Luz” (Far from my Shadow, Close to the Light) testify to a life lived to it’s fullest potential and transmit spiritual truth, family values and her experiences from around the world, using a platform of inspiration to positively influence people and impact their lives.

The achievements and recognition that Barbara has reached have projected her to develop a new phase in the television industry, where her responsibility, besides being a judge, is that of preparing and guiding different participants to reach their dreams by showing each person’s internal beauty. In the Miss Latina Universe Telemundo, Barbara, once more, takes us on a journey to understand the drama, dreams, aspirations and goals that a group of young ladies should experiences. Barbara successfully reaches each and every one of them by giving them the fundamental tools for them to become real queens of their own lives. For the first time, the winner of this competition will participate in the Miss Universe Competition to represent an extraordinary group, the Latinos.