Miss USA 2016 - Judge - Ali Landry
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Ali Landry


Ali Landry is a former Miss Louisiana USA and Miss USA. She became a household name as the Doritos spokeswoman and 1998 Super Bowl heartthrob, later earning a starring role on “Eve” from 2003 to 2006, and recurring roles on “Felicity,” “Two Guys and a Girl,” “Sunset Beach,” “Superstars” and “Popular.” She also has hosted the Golden Globes Awards pre-show, “Fashion Wrap,” the music-talk show “FarmClub.com,” “Spy TV” and “Full Frontal Fashion.” In film, she’s starred in “Bella” and “Little Boy.” In 2012, Landry co-created, co-executive produced and co- hosted TV Guide Network’s reality series, “Hollywood Girls Night.”