Miss USA 2016 - Judge - Joey Boukadakis
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Joey Boukadakis


Joey Boukadakis is a writer, director, producer and media executive living in Los Angeles, California.

Joey has written, directed, or produced music videos for artists including Liz Phair, Marc Broussard and Linkin Park, as well as campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including Verizon, Nike, Coca-Cola and McDonald's.

As a writer, Joey wrote and created the animated television show “Blitz" for Comedy Central, based off of the life of Instagram celebrity and international playboy and poker player, Dan Bilzerian. In 2015, as cross promotions for the release of the “Entourage” movie, Joey co-wrote the fictitious Ari Gold memoir, “The Gold Standard: Rules to Rules By” for Hachette Books, a bestseller which Contently Magazine described as “possibly the greatest piece of cross-marketing ever,” and the Chicago Sun-Times called “a memoir and self-help guide that’s about as legitimate and motivational as any book written by a fictitious character can get… it raises the standard for books spawned by TV shows or movies.” Also in 2015, Joey and “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin sold a dysfunctional family comedy sitcom to CBS Networks, based off an original idea. Joey’s previous screenwriting credits include a remake of the 1980’s comedy classic, “Back to School” for MGM, the action adventure comedy “Three Twins” for Disney Studios, and hour-long drama “The Wild Kind” for Alcon Entertainment.

Joey has written and directed multiple comedy short films including “Rushers”, which won the 2005 Method Fest Audience Award; "Dinner With Raphael” starring “Glee’s” Dianna Agron; “Lucy in the Sky with Diamond” starring “La Bamba’s" Lou Diamond Phillips; “Plan C” starring "SNL's" Beck Bennett -- and most recently "The Berkshire Apprentice," a comedy short film starting Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffett which opened the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder's Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Joey also served as an associate producer on the feature film “The Lie” which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Joey’s films have played at film festivals around the world including Sundance, Vail, San Diego, Boston, St. Louis, Miami, Atlanta, Hollyshorts, CineVegas, Palm Springs International, and MethodFest Film Festivals.

Joey is a member of the Writer's Guild of America and Producer's Guild of America and represented by CAA, Mosaic, and Frankel and McCuin.