About Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação


Presided by João Carlos Saad, Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação is one of the biggest multimedia conglomerates in Brazil, providing content throughout the country for the past 73 years.

There are two open channels (TV Bandeirantes – or simply Band -and Rede 21), five cable channels, international channels (distributed in Angola, Mozambique and the United States), newspapers, a cable TV operator, a home media service provider () and multiple radio stations.

More than 40 companies are integrated through various media platforms, solidifying its standing as a leader in technological advances, which enables them to meet all viewers' and advertisers' needs.

The Group

·Integrated radio and television networks with large audience and recognition;

·National coverage;

·Combined integration of vehicles with positive effects on different profiles, times and markets;

·Over 67 years of pioneer tradition and devotion to communication development in Brazil;

·Image that unites credibility, companionship, friendliness and disposition in the provision of our services;

·Number of Direct Employees: 5.000.

Facts and figures:

TV Band (www.band.com.br)

·Journalism with credibility since 1967;

·80% live broadcasting, daily;

·92% of Brazilian market coverage;

·Present in more than 3.100 cities;

·75 broadcast stations in Brazil.

BandNews (bandnews.com.br)

·Pay TV Content;

Non-stop news, with radio speed and TV image;

·Around 3.5 million subscribers in Brazil;

·First 24-hour news channel in Brazil;

·Fully digitalized and automated channel, at all production levels.

BandSports (bandsports.com.br)

·All sports in this channel;

Almost 2 million subscribers in Brazil;

·Band’s traditional name in sports;

·Valuable historic heritage;

Relies on diversification, new modalities and new talent;

·Supports Olympic Sports development;

Rede 21 (rede21.com.br)

UHF leadership, Channel 21 is a UHF-Band TV station in the largest consumer market in Brazil: São Paulo . It is also distributed to other main cities in the country through cable operators.

Terraviva (tvterraviva.com.br)

Terraviva is Bandeirantes Group’s agrobusiness channel.

Radio Stations

Band FM (bandfm.com.br)
Band FM is the biggest FM in Brazil, with a happy and also funny programming.

Nativa FM (nativa.com.br)
Nativa FM is focused on the great majority of the Brazilian people- a popular audience who likes to hear Brazilian’s most popular rhythms: sertanejo and forró.

Rádio Bandeirantes (radiobandeirantes.com.br)
The combative journalism of Rádio Bandeirantes is also sustained by 3 editorial lines: campaigns, complaints and services.

BandNews FM (bandnewsfm.com.br)
BandNews FM is the first radio station in Brazil with no music and is exclusively journalistic. Every 20 minutes, there's a full journal with the latest news; 24h a day.

Rádio Sul América Trânsito (www.sulamerica.com.br/radiotransito)<
A radio station aimed to traffic news in São Paulo 24h a day; 7 days per week.

Mitsubishi FM (www.mitfm.com.br)
Bandeirantes Radio Group, Mitsubishi Motors and Africa Adv. Agency joined forces for a station with differentiated musical programming, services and 4x4 rallies' news.

Other Media:

Primeiramão (primeiramao.com.br)
Primeiramão is the biggest personal newspaper in Brazil. For 25 years, it has been offering free adverts to an enormous range of people.

Metro (publimetro.com.br)
Metro is the result of an alliance of Bandeirantes Group with Metro International, from the Swedish group Investment AB Kinnevik, which is responsible for newspapers in 21 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with 22 million readers all over the world.

Sim TV (www.simtv.com.br)
Sim TV is among the biggest communication companies in Brazil. It's aimed at cable TV services, broadband internet and voice telephony on IP.

Band Music (bandmusic.com.br)
Band Music's been launching various musical and cultural contents since the 80's.

Band Imagem (band.com.br/bandimagem)
Band Imagem is an image bank created with more than 110.000 hours of images and audios from the latest 43 years.


Band started in the 60's as João Jorge Saad's expansion project in communications. Before founding TV Band, he already had some experience with media at Rádio Bandeirantes in São Paulo, which was bought by him in 1948 and was transformed into one of the biggest stations in the country. João Saad was a pioneer and believed in the power of information.

Band in São Paulo (Channel 13) was first broadcasted in May 13, 1967.  In 1972, Band was the first TV channel to produce and fully broadcast a colored programming.

Throughout 73 years of services, Grupo Bandeirantes has become one of the biggest multimedia groups in Brazil and Latin America.